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Harold’s sells the best quality lift chairs, while keeping them affordable for everyone. Drop by our showroom to find how easy our lift chairs can make your life!
WHAT IS A LIFT CHAIR? A lift chair is a physical aid to make sitting or standing easier; Easier to stand, easier to sit, easier to transfer from a wheelchair to a lift recliner, easier to get comfortable for extended periods, and easier to dose off when the notion strikes.
Open this Lift Recliner with a touch of the button. Chair can lift up and recline with ease Available in many styles and fabric colors!
Lift Recliners can be adjusted to any position either reclining or helping to get out of  the chair!
Great Comfort plus effortless easy reclining and lifting with a touch of the button!
Nicely sized Lift Recliner features comfort as well as practicality when chair lifts and reclines at the touch of a button!
Lift recliners are now comprised of a wide variety of specialized features for persons of every size and description. They can be set to the correct angle for sitting, standing, or resting your head comfortably.
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