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Sixty years ago, in  1946, Harold  Perlmutter who was a  recently discharged  World War 2 veteran  established Harold’s  Furniture in Lebanon.  The original store was  located at 707  Cumberland Street  trading under the  name of Harold’s  Home Furnishings.  The business was successful from the  outset, as Harold was able to find suppliers  who could fulfill the needs of the local  populace.  The store carried an abundant supply of  various house wares and home furnishing  items as well as appliances and television sets.  By 1959, the  business was doing well  and expanded into the  adjacent building with a  ten thousand square  foot expanded furniture  showroom. The name of  the store then changed  from Harold’s Home  Furnishings to Harold’s  Furniture.  This was the  early era of the “baby boomer” generation as  children, and Harold was well prepared to  
furnish the local homes with his concept  called “Three Rooms of Furniture”.  This  promotion consisted of living room, bedroom  and dining room suites at one low price.  During the 1960’s and 1970’s, Harold  continued to focus his efforts on home  furnishings and major appliances as the  house ware business declined due to the  increased competition from the new shopping  malls and grocery stores.  In 1975 Harold’s son Stu Perlmutter  joined the firm after graduating from  Pennsylvania Military College and service as  a First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army.  Harold’s Furniture moved one block  east to 614-620 Cumberland Street in 1979.  This move enabled the business to increase  its showroom space to twenty five thousand  square feet. This  was a large step  for the company as  store sales  skyrocketed by  being in such a  large and  prominent  location.  In 1985,  Harold’s began to  offer a full line of  office furniture in  addition to its  regular furniture  lines. This  
expansion to the commercial furniture market,  allowed the store to service businesses as well  as consumers. The store name at that time was  changed from Harold’s Furniture to Harold’s  Home and Office Furniture in order to better  reflect the two fold nature of the business.  In 2005  Harold’s moved to  2500 West  Cumberland  Street, which was  two miles from the  original store.  Moving the  business after  many decades was  a most difficult  decision as well as  a logistical challenge. A seventeen thousand  square foot building that had been an  automobile dealership for many years became  the new home for the business once again  known as Harold’s Furniture.  From their new site, Harold’s is better  able to serve the both the western and eastern  parts of Lebanon County as well as the  surrounding areas.     This year Harold’s Furniture will be  celebrating their Sixty Fifth Year in business  proudly continuing to utilize the slogan, “  Lebanon’s Oldest and Largest Furniture  Store”.
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Harold’s Furniture 2500 West Cumberland Street Lebanon, Pa. (717) 272-8481
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Harold’s Furniture 2500 West Cumberland Street Lebanon, Pa.
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